May 7, 2013

Long Long time.

It seems each year that goes by goes faster than the last. At times I feel I want it to pause. There is so much that can be extracted each moment. With each year passed I get excited about the next.
So much learned
so much to learn
so much seen
so much to see
so many people met
so many people to meet.

My poetry reminds me a bit of an english class for 5th graders...

So much happens so fast. Here are a couple photos for documentation sake:

September 21, 2012

We're married!

Today is September 21st 2012. As I type this I have to glance down at my fingers because I didn't pay enough attention in typing class back in 7th grade. As I glance what do I notice but a ring on my left ring finger! (soon to be replaced with a tattoo...) That's right the day has come and gone. I keep thinking that everyone feels this way, but, our wedding was AMAZING! There was an incredible amount of love not just between us two but from everyone that was present. Kristin and I have been planning all the details over the last year or so and everything came together. We laid the foundation and it is built upon. I feel like everyone there contributed in their own way. The weekend wouldn't have been what is was without each and every soul that was there. Thank you so much to everyone. You all mean the world to us and you make our world turn round.

We don't quite have access to our professional wedding photos just yet. So here is one from the archive.

January 9, 2012

Twenty twelve!

Me and a lion's mane mushroom found in the Mt. Hood national forest.

Welcome to the new year! This time of year is interesting, there is such hype about the new year and making resolutions and all that. There is something special about it. I see the new year as a time to start new. Another chapter in the book of life. It could be exciting, boring, challenging, for that matter it is what ever you make it. We have the ability to form our lives one day at a time. We have the power to decide how we are going to act and how we are going to treat other people, ourselves and the world in which we live. We are attempting to figure our a way to live outside of the industrial economy in which we exist within. This is quite challenging but we find much more satisfaction when our lives are carried out in a more sustainable way. Sustainable is quite a word. For now I am going to say we are seeking to live our lives with the natural world being the model.

Off the soap box.

We are alive and quite happy here in White Salmon. We haven't written here in quite a while but there are exciting things happening! I (Colin) am enjoying a slow quite morning before work.
 I am baking bread. Right now and in this photo.
 Kristin doing yoga in the living room right next to the woodstove.
 Thanksgiving with good friends in Portland.
 Three buds. Man I love these guys.
 The scene of our living room. It is now painted and looks much more better than in this photo.
 Kristin and Linz during Christmas time.
 Brent and I measuring a tree in the Olympic National park. I think it was something like 24' around. We spent New Year's with Brent and Cassie in the Park and had an awesome weekend of sun, rain, snow. We went to the Hoh rainforest and saw spawning Coho salmon. I could have sat there all day watching them.
 Kristin and Cassie. in the rainforest.
I love big trees.

More exciting news coming soon. Think tiny house on wheels. ..

November 20, 2011

 Buzzed it off!

Colin caught this 25 lb. salmon in the Columbia...we still have it in our freezer!

Me, Mom, Bro, Rebecca, and Grandma all come to visit

Mike and I

 A magical place we found

  My engagement ring! Yes, made out of beach grass

  Cider pressing party! We now have 5 gallons fermenting and much more in the freezer..


Colin found crazy amounts of chantrelles this fall

Us in the gardens at Edgefield before John Prine

September 4, 2011

Summer goodness!


Brent and Cassie got sticky with us...

Little Mila! Our dear friends the Kielichs came all the way from French Gulch to see us for a few days.. a long awaited visit!

Michael and Coops.

Lisa and her princess.

Colin and Forest... who's almost 5!

My Dad came to visit and we hiked up near Mt. Adams. First time he's seen snow in years!

We brought Colin's Dad's boat down to the White Salmon, and rowed around looking for fish and blackberries... we found the berries!


YUM! Our beautiful harvest! Pablano peppers, bell peppers, zucchini, tomatoes, and delicata! 

Colin's parents generously gave us their old woodstove. Colin has been working hard to fix it up..

Lili! My good friend came to visit for a night! And what a lovely visit.

Peaches peaches peaches. So many peaches! This evening was consumed with the canning/freezing/eating of peaches.... and drinking of good summer beer!